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Eligibility Requirements, General

To be eligible for the Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate, a person must:

  • Be at least 23 years of age.
    -- Eligible to receive Letter of Competency at age of 21.


  • Be able to read, speak, write and understand the English Language, or have an appropriate limitation placed on his or her certificate.



Eligibility Requirements, Experience (FAR 65.57)

An applicant for an Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate must present documentary evidence satisfactory to the administrator that he or she has the experience prescribed in any one of the following paragraphs:

(a) A total of at least two (2) years experience in the three (3) years before the date of application, in any one or in any combination of the following areas:
         (1) In military aircraft operations as:
                  (i) Pilot
                  (ii) Flight Navigator
                  (iii) Meteorologist
         (2) In aircraft operations conducted under Part 121 of this chapter as:
                  (i) An assistant in dispatching air carrier aircraft, under direct supervision of a dispatcher certificated under this part
                  (ii) Pilot
                  (iii) A Flight Engineer
                  (iv) A Meteorologist
         (3) In aircraft operations as:
                  (i) An Air Traffic Controller; or
                  (ii) A Flight Service Specialist
         (4) In aircraft operations, performing other duties that the Administrator finds provide equivalent experience.

(b) A statement of graduation issued or revalidated in accordance with 65.70(b) of this part, showing that the person has successfully completed an approved aircraft dispatcher course.





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