Aircraft Flight Dispatchers (History)

Here we introduce you to this extremely important aviation career.

We have several schedules to meet your individual needs.

Academics Of Flight, with its FAA approved training programs, has been successfully training Aircraft Dispatchers world wide since 1976, and guarantees the high standards of instruction it has provided to the Aviation Industry for over 35 years.

We are pleased to announce a new era in aviation training.


VA Approved

FAA Approved

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On-Site Training

Designed to meet the ever growing need of the aviation industry, our On-Site Training program is designed to train your employees at your location, allowing them to remain on duty and keep your costs to a minimum. In many instancs, the cost savings compare to sending individuals for training is equivalent to the total cost of the program.

Academics Of Flight has provided above program to the following companies: Copa Airlines, US Air Express, Liberty Express, AirNet, Capital Cargo, Carribbean Airlines, LIAT Airlines.

Academics Of Flight sends an instructor to the airline's location for a three/four-day classroom sessions per week. The candidates will then come to our facility in New York or Miami for a two-week period for testing and certification.

Recurrent Training

Academics of Flight also conducts a recurrent training program for those who have been previously certificated. It consists of 25 hours and may be extended for the individuals that have been away from the field for a period of time.

Are you ready for On-Line Training?

Individuals (Non-Airline)

Academics Of Flight also provides trainings for the FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate on an individual basis with a flexible schedule to meet the candidate's needs.

Eligibility Requirements for the Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate.

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